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God has given us a big vision: to Love, Live and Lead Like Christ. A vision where families are strong units, founded in the Word, and raising men and women to be people of integrity, honor and discipline. A vision where communities work together to help the less fortunate so that everyone is not only employed but empowered to be contributing members of society. A vision where corporations and governments turn to men and women of faith (Christian faith) for guidance, direction and leadership in business and governmental affairs. God continues to bring people to Macedonia COGIC who are passionate about the Kingdom of God.

Our vision can be summed up in this: Macedonia COGIC is a place where we LOVE, LIVE and LEAD LIKE CHRIST. We hope you will be a part of ever growing family.

Core Values:

These are the values we want to uphold in all we do in our ministry:

W is for Word
We want to keep God's Word as our final authority for all we do and believe
O is for Order
We want to submit to the governing structure and administrative protocol of Macedonia COGIC.
R is for Relevance
We want to be in touch with the culture of the "real world" of our congregation and our community.
S is for Servanthood
We want to accomplish the work of ministry by using our gifts, talents and abilities with a Christ-like attitude.
H is for Humility
We want to be sensitive to the needs of others by regarding their interests as more important than our own.
I is for Integrity
We want to live and function with a moral code of conduct that is aligned with the Word of God.
P is for Partnership
We want to be committed to doing ministry in teams that trust each other and work together.

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