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Sunday Morning Worship
11:30 AM Worship Service

If you feel most connected to God in a setting that includes dynamic preaching, beautiful choral music, and a blend of traditional hymns with accompaniment by a full orchestra and the best of blended Christian music, you will feel “at home” in the 11:30 AM Worship Service at MCI.

Many have asked what our services at MCI are like. We’ll try to answer those questions below.

  •         What does the 11:30 service look like?

    Our best answer for you is, you just have to experience it. And if you experience it, we believe you will love it! We strive to offer a balanced blend of traditional hymns and contemporary songs of worship.

  •         Is there a choir and orchestra?

    Yes. The Macedonia Youth and Senior Choir and Orchestra lead worship every Sunday.

  •         What is the ‘style’ of music used in your worship experiences?

    The style is contemporary with a traditional flavor as we continue to sing songs, hymns and spiritual songs. The 11:30 service is designed to be a blend of worship music styles that spans the generations.

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Sunday School 9:30 AM

Worship Service 11:30 AM


Bible Band 7:00 PM


Night Service 7:00 PM

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